The sound of distant thunder

I know it has been a while since my last post here. It has, indeed, been a busy summer but I want to write a post this morning to highlight an article that a friend of mine turned me onto this morning.

The article lays out an argument for a coming economic storm that, some say, threatens our way of life. While there seems to be little that the experts agree on, there is one common theme that they all seem to resound upon. That is the fact that we CANNOT continue to go the way we are going now. Regardless of the severity of the storm, most of those who are in the know agree that there is a storm approaching. I don’t have the time right now to go into my ideas for what to do to be ready, and honestly I am not sure I know how best to prepare, but I do have a few ideas I may take the time to highlight in the coming days. In the mean time, here is a link to the article. I will warn you, it is a little scary to hear the way these guys talk about this not in terms of “if” but in terms of “when”.

Civilization May Not Endure ‘Death Spiral’
Not a cheery way to kick off the weekend, but I don’t think there is ever a “good” time to hear reports like this. At the same time, though, sticking our heads deep into the sand of our every day lives does not make the problem go away.
More to come on this subject…