The Internal Combustion Revolution – Part 4 The Split Cycle (Scuderi) Engine

Another intriguing example of an innovative design in internal combustion engines is the Split Cycle or Scuderi engine. Essentially this design uses matched pairs of cylinders to split the 4 strokes of a piston driven engine. A smaller piston and cylinder handle the intake and compression strokes while a larger piston handles the combustion and exhaust strokes. This effectively allows each pair of pistons to produce one power stroke per revolution of the engine, whereas a typical Otto cycle engine takes two full revolutions of the engine to produce a combustion event. This, in effect allows the engine to make more power out of a smaller engine.

Again this design utilizes many of the latest gadgets and gizmos to squeeze every last drop of energy out of that gallon of fuel. Variable valve timing, turbo chargers, and a full compliment of electronic controls make this engine another up and coming design that may help the auto makes of Detroit meet the impending CAFE standards.

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